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2021 Preseason Review: Week 1

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Holy cow, we whooped the Vikings ass after a week of practicing against each other. What a way to start the season with the largest margin of victory of any game this week!


We just got to see Champ Bailey reincarnated. This kid takes this shit seriously; he don't play no games. One day he'll be locking down an entire side so our 3 injury riddled veteran CBs can shuffle around the other side.

No Fly Zone 2.0

After a year of CB hell, Paton went and sured up the secondary with some great draft picks for his defensive coordinator slash head coach. PJ Locke III was all over the field and Stearns made a great play to break up a TD.

Thunder & Lightning

Boy I love the way Javonte "Pookie" Williams runs. The man loves to break tackles and it's a thing of beauty. While I loved Philip Lindsay, I can't wait to see what he & Melvin pair up to do.

Holy Trinity

Trinity Benson had been talked about all training camp and he came out to play Saturday. Insert stats. If we had hard knocks, the camera would definitely be on this guy. On the fringe for a roster spot butt playing liked hell to keep it.

Jer-ry Jeu-dy

I really like Dave Logan as the Broncos announcer, but my god, can I please get this guy calling every Broncos from now on? Seriously, nothing is better than his JER-RY JEU-DY, JER-RY JEU-DY!!!

🐴 πŸ” πŸ”’

Are we seeing the year 3 leap from Drew Lock? We can't overreact to one preseason game but after Saturday this QB battle is a farce and it's only held up by the coaching staff wanting to kiss Teddy's ass for when he inevitably has to start this season.

Drew finished the game with a nice stat line (with a grain of rice in that was against backups).

Teddy finished with what you'd expect: not many yards, a pretty good completion percentage, maybe a TD but NO interceptions. The turnovers part is why I think the coaching staff wants Teddy but he's not great otherwise.

This reminds me of Elway saying Flacco is in his prime. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against having Teddy Two Gloves behind the center, it's just that it's a safe and boring pick that probably won't get us that far in the end yet prevent us from being able to get a top tier QB in the draft next year (because why did we skip on one this year???). On the other hand, I'm also not sold yet Drew can be consistent and withstand a season without getting injured.

Throws like this is why I get excited for Lock this season.

Anytime Teddy throws past 5 yards it takes me by surprise. Plays like this are going to plague us all year long. I hate to pessimistic already but I just see yet another year of an inept offense making it hard on a good defense.